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Kazaa, originally known as the most widely downloaded peer-to-peer file sharing software on the web, now operates as a legal music subscription download service.

Kazaa provides its users with unlimited access to over 1 million premium songs and ringtones for a low monthly rate. Unlike other music subscription services that charge you for every music download, Kazaa lets you explore new artists, albums, and genres until you find what's right for you- at ONE low price!

Rdio is an unlimited, on-demand social music service from the founders of Skype. Rdio brings music alive by letting subscribers listen to as many songs as they want, anytime, anywhere, and discover and share new music with friends. Rdio was founded by Janus Friis with Niklas Zennström. Funding was received from Atomico, a leading technology investment group.

Kinetech holds an investment in PersonalWeb LLC which in turn holds several base level patents over the fingerprinting and identification of code used in cloud storage, search and social networking.

PersonalWeb actively involved in discovering technologies and licensing its patents in particular the patents which deal with the identification of data in distributed networks using the contents of the data as its identifier.

Patents include:

  • U.S. patents 5978791, 6415280, 6928442, 7802310, 7945539, 7945544, 7949662; Japanese Patent No. 3865775

Kinetech has licensed its patents to; Iron Mountain, Level 3, Skype, Audible Magic, Limewire and numerous others.

Brilliant Digital manages the "Global File Registry" (GFR), a technology which enables governments to police the distribution of illegal material (such as child pornography) over the internet and enables internet service providers (ISP's/NSP's) the ability to divert customers who are seeking to view or download illegal or pirated content to a legal source of the material without breaching their privacy, thus creating new revenue opportunities. GFR has been in development of the product with Cisco over the past several years.

GFR is in part based on the PersonalWeb patent portfolio in which BDE has some exclusive and non-exclusive rights to license in a number of fields.

GFR has recently entered into an understanding to launch GFR initially in France.

Altnet is the historical entity in which various Peer to Peer, distributed technology and digital entertainment assets have been developed by Brilliant Digital.

Altnet holds the license to the Kinetech/PersonalWeb patents in the field for non-ISP based Content Distribution Networks and for use in Advertising delivered via ISP's or Gateways and Set-top boxes.

It is the intention of Altnet to further develop a point to point non-ISP based CDN as well as an over the top advertising venture in conjunction with its development and distribution partners

PersonalWeb was incorporated in Texas in August 2010. It has grown to 14 employees and acquired Kinetech’s 13 key pending and issued patents for cloud computing, distributed search engine file systems and content addressable storage.

The Company also develops proprietary technology utilizing natural language processing and semantic analysis to search for and deliver relevant content. It is developing products based on its technology and patent assets for the consumer, education and content distribution markets.

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U.S. Patents 5978791, 6415280, 6928442, 7945539, 7945544, 7949662, 7802310, 8001096;
Japanese Patent No. 3865775. Patents Pending in the U.S. and other countries